We have new information on the source of dozens of earthquakes rattling residents along the Parker-Wise-Tarrant county line.

The U.S. Geological Survey now says the epicenters for many of the tremors form a tight pattern between the towns of Reno, in northeast Parker County, and Briar, at the intersection of the three counties.

Scientists are moving sensors into that area to try to determine an exact location, and possibly the cause, of what were described as 'shallow' quakes.

The latest quake, which registered 3.3 magnitude, was reported this morning. Another 3.3 tremor hit the same general area on Sunday.

Dr. William Ellsworth of the USGSEarthquake Science Survey said his analysis of the latest data of earthquakes in November and December has refocused the area of interest.

'The epicenters of these erthquakes are no longer scattered over an area many miles in dimension, but now cluster in the same zone as the more recent earthquakes located using the local NetQuake stations,' Ellsworth said in a letter sent Monday to Azle mayor Alan Brundrett.

'My colleagues at SMU are relocating several of the NetQuake instruments to better surround the source region of the earthquakes,' Ellsworth added. 'We can be confident that the earthquakes recently occurring in the vicinity of the City of Azle are originating from a small region roughly midway between Reno and Briar, and that they are located in the shallow crystalline basement.'

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