The big news out of Washington: Congress passes a budget, avoiding another possible government shutdown. Our guest, Republican Rep. Michael Burgess, discusses the latest developments.

Did you ever notice that when Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pops up at a public event, he's always alone?

The star of the popular cable show 'Duck Dynasty' was suspended by the network after making controversial remarks about gays and African-Americans. Conservatives argue that Phil Robertson was simply expressing his religious beliefs; others say he was being disrespectful, and his employer had a right to take action. That's the focus of this week's Flashpoint debate. From the right, Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer, and from the left, author and producer Katie Sherrod.

In Reporters Roundtable, we put the headlines in perspective. Gubernatorial candidates Greg Abbott and Texas Sen. Wendy Davis weigh in on the Ethan Couch sentence; will juvenile justice become an issue in the race? Dallas Morning News political writer Gromer Jeffers and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy join host Teresa Woodard.


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