FORT WORTH Drivers were being urged to slow down and get ready for a leisurely commute on Monday morning as another blast of winter-like weather was expected to hit Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

The Fort Worth District of the Texas Department of Transportation said it had close to 200 workers ready to hit 8,700 miles of roadway if the storm powered through the area.

Earlier Sunday, TxDOT crews did treat some roads north of Fort Worth in Denton County.

Bridges and overpasses will be targeted first, according to Michael Peters, a public information officer with the department.

'Typically, they freeze up first,' he told News 8.

MedStar paramedics were also preparing for a busy overnight rush.

Up to 24 two-person ambulance crews were getting ready to hit the roads during the Monday morning rush hour.

The crews actually carry a mix of salt and sand with them.

'We'll sand and salt the area whether it is on an overpass or even in someone's driveway or front walk to make sure everyone is safe,' said Matt Zavadsky, the company's director of public affairs.

MedStar was actually reserving hotel rooms for some of its staff who live away from the city so they would be able to work without delay on Monday.


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