LITTLE ELM -- Nothing is ever certain when it comes to the delivery of a newborn baby. But a Little Elm couple never dreamed they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

Their baby was born in the passenger seat of a Dodge Journey.

After three false labors, Crystal and Jack Cloyd left their home in Little Elm, believing this time, it was the real thing. But a few minutes later on El Dorado Parkway, she began to give birth.

'I felt the head. He's like, 'Stop, don't push any more,' and like, I have to,' Crystal said.

But baby Cloyd couldn't wait any longer.

'I pushed and he came out and everything else,' said the new mother. 'I grabbed him.'

The baby's father called 911. But Jack Cloyd remembered Fire Station Number 6 was just up the street, so he sped to help.

'I jump out of the car,' the new dad said. 'There are a couple of firemen in the building, and I'm screaming out at them to help me, help me.'

The firefighters cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the seven pound, two ounce baby in a blanket. Little Jasper Ryder Cloyd and his mom were then taken by ambulance to Centennial Medical Center in Frisco.

Nurses say while rare, sometimes pregnant women don't make it to the hospital in time.

'I've seen babies born in toilets,' said Jennifer Parsons, the nurse manager at Centennial. 'I've seen babies born in hotels.'

But thankfully, all ended well.

The Cloyds left the hospital Friday on their way home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their fourth child, who came into this world before his parents were ready.

'It was very scary and traumatic,' Jack Cloyd said. 'I'm very impressed with what my wife did. I can't imagine staying calm under that situation.'


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