PRINCETON There was no Sunday night service scheduled at Cowboy Church of Collin County. But the people who loved Cody Hensley and Stephen Chaney needed somewhere to go... to mourn what they had lost.

'We were always talking about going hunting, but I'll never get that hunting trip again,' said one of the boy's classmates.

Their friends are learning to keep their memories alive in past tense.

'He was the kind of person he would want in your class, because he's so funny. He was so funny,' said Stephen's friend Haley Sexton.

The boys were both seniors Cody at McKinney North High School and Stephen at Princeton High. A group of seven of them were hanging out early Sunday morning when they piled into a red Mazda hatchback that only had five seat belts.

Pictures from First Response Photography show how it ended; the car ran up over a curb at the corner of Monte Carlo Boulevard and Florence Drive, hit a fire hydrant and careened into a field.

Cody and Stephen were thrown from the car and died at the scene.

The Sunday night church service let anyone share their feelings. When Stephen's father stepped up, he captured everyone's pain.

'It's hard to see someone so young and so capable... be gone,' Lonny Chaney said. 'It's been a long day. It's been a long day.'

His community is behind him and Cody's family as they honor two boys lost too soon.

The cause of the accident five miles east of McKinney remains under investigation.


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