TERRELL Cindy Vazquez treated Charles Brownlow like she would any paying customer walking into Taqueria Dos Aces in Terrell on Monday evening.

What she didn't know at the time was that there was an all-out manhunt for Brownlow, a man now accused of killing five people that same night.

'He looked like he was using drugs, because I couldn't understand him very well when he was talking,' Vazquez said.

Brownlow entered the Mexican restaurant at 9:47 p.m. Police said he had killed two people before that time.

Vazquez said Brownlow was asking for someone, but that person was not there. But a good friend happened to be there; a man who goes by 'Dre.'

'When he came in here I had my back turned, and then I looked and I said, 'Oh, God!'' Dre said.

Dre said by that time, a lot of people had pieced together that Brownlow was the suspect. So Dre said he immediately called police and was placed on hold for several minutes.

'The cops were at the house when I called!' he said. Dre clarified and said investigators were still at the scene of the first two murders when Brownlow entered the restaurant.

Dre even admits he hid from the suspect. Brownlow left his table No. 14 at Dos Aces rather quickly.

'No, he entered and when I turned around he was gone,' Vazquez recalled.

Police said Brownlow was spotted at Ali's convenience store after 10:27 p.m. Monday. That's where clerk Luis Leal was shot and killed. Police documents obtained Wednesday share more about the murder in cold blood.

'Upon review of the [surveillance] video, it was determined that [Brownlow] had stolen beer from the business after committing the murder,' the official record showed.

Funeral arrangements for all five murder victims are currently being arranged. Preliminary plans for funerals for Brownlow's mother and aunt are set for Saturday.


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