I'm not sure I'm buying what the Cowboys are trying to sell.

I don't know if Dez Bryant is a selfish player or not, but if he's not, he's a member of a very small group of receivers who don't think they should be getting the ball more.

And I certainly don't think he's not just because the Cowboys say he's not. I don't believe a lot of what they say, and haven't for a long time.

But then, fans like a player or even a coach who screams and yells. They're the ones with a great deal of passion to win as long as they win.

You scream and yell... and lose? You're just an idiot.

Let me paraphrase a great quote from former Mavericks coach Dick Motta (I'm changing it a little bit, but the meaning is the same.)

'When it gets tough and it gets hard, you put a whip to a thoroughbred, he runs harder and he runs faster. You put a whip to a jackass, he sits down and bawls.'

It's hard for the Cowboys right now. It just keeps getting tougher.

And now we find out who the thoroughbreds are... and who's the jackass.


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