THE COLONY Melissia Conzett knew this day would come; the day the sketch of her kidnapper would be released to the public.

'I keep saying, 'I'm OK... I'm OK... I'm OK.' I'm not,' she said.

The Colony woman waits tables at a friend's restaurant and cracks a smile every now and then. It's the one place where she feels somewhat safe.

'I just wish it was over. I wish it hadn't happened,' Conzett said.

She said she was kidnapped in the parking lot of her apartment at the Budget Suites in The Colony last week. She said a black male asked her for a cigarette, and then pointed a gun at her and forced her into her own car.

With a gun pointed at her, Conzett said she drove for nearly 45 minutes with the kidnapper in the passenger seat.

Conzett even shared video with News 8 as she retraced her steps with investigators. In the video, she pointed to a green patch where she said she was nearly raped. Her kidnapper ran away after she told a lie and said she was pregnant.

On Tuesday The Colony Police Department released a sketch of the man Conzett described as her nightmare.

'People will be able to see what has been stuck in my head... what I see every day... every night when I close my eyes... what I see,' she said.

It's a picture she's wanted out since she first filed a police report last week, and a request The Colony Police Department couldn't make until protocol was followed.

The department does not have a sketch artist on staff. It is a service that is contracted out, like so many small and medium-size police departments in Texas.

'Generally we don't do sketch artists until leads have ran dry, because we're hoping to get forensic evidence and other video evidence,' explained Lt. Darren Brockway.

He said getting any video surveillance in this case was a remote possibility, and most of the evidence had likely been washed away by rain.

Brockway said the sketch of Conzett's assailant was done by an artist at the Denton County Sheriff's Department. The Colony police hasn't put out a sketch in 10 years.

Conzett and a friend are now hoping to appeal to lawmakers to ensure there is proper funding for sketch artists at all police departments, big and small.

If you have any information or recognize someone matching the description in the sketch, call The Colony police at 972-625-1887.


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