PLANO A Vietnam veteran who lives in Plano is frustrated and angry. For the third time, vandals desecrated the American flag in front of his house.

But this time, they were caught on camera.

Larry Lorance installed a surveillance camera after the first time vandals pushed down a statue in his front yard holding the U.S. flag a year-and-a-half ago.

'To do something like that is an insult to Americans, and more of an insult to people who served our country and people who died for our country,' Lorance said.

Early Friday morning, his camera recorded three young men knocking down the statue. One of them desecrated the flag by stomping on it.

'It just really upsets me that these young men had the audacity to go in and tear down the flag, and in this case, stomp on it,' Lorance said. 'They were laughing throughout the whole process.'

Lorance said he went to the police the first two times it happened, but decided not to report the latest incident.

'I don't want these kids to have a record,' said the Plano homeowner. 'They're just pranksters. I'd like the parents to own up and say, 'My kids did this; what can we do?''

Lorance said the culprits don't understand the true meaning of the American flag. He said it's a lesson he would like them to learn... straight from people like him, who served and sacrificed, carrying the flag.


View the vandalism surveillance video:

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