GARLAND Even after last week's soaking storms, Lake Ray Hubbard is still desperate for rain. Dozens of boats at the Chandler's Landing Marina are sitting in mud, not water.

Between docks, there is dry ground in areas of the marina that are usually underwater. Dozens of boats are stuck in their slips. The lake remains at least seven feet below where at needs to be, according to state records.

The situation at Lake Ray Hubbard is so severe that Chandler's Landing Marina Managers just bought its own dredging equipment. Boats that could be moved were towed to slips in deeper water.

'We've got probably 60 or 75 boats that are right now laying on the ground,' said Peter Morris, the Marina's general manager. 'We can't get them out of their slip '

LMD Marine Services repairs boats at Ray Hubbard from twisted propellers toboats with holes in the hull.

'The boat that's on the rail here behind me is one of those that's been damaged, said Gus Perrin, LMD Operations Manager. 'That was from running into a tree.'

Scott Self charters boats on the lake. He told us last week's rain produced little increase in Ray Hubbard's level and in optimism among lake merchants. 'The ground was so dry across the rest of Dallas, there was virtually no runoff that came into the lake,' said Self. 'It was soaked up into the land itself.'

The lake only rose three inches from last weeks rain. But now it's dropping about an inch per day. So by the end of the week, it will be even lower.


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