DALLAS So you think you make something people will like, then you start selling them from the back of your car and business booms. Customers are hypnotized by your creations.

Of course, we are talking donuts!

Here's the 'hole' story of Hypnotic Donuts & Biscuits.

It brings new meaning to window shopping as the little six-year-old patron cruises the donut case.

'What are we looking for here?' the donut man asks.

James St. Peter and his wife, Amy, opened a donut shop even after finding out that the Dallas-Fort Worth area already has 900 donut shops.

'So we thought we could make a difference here, but we weren't real confident, so we started selling out the back of our car,' James said.

It wasn't always icing on the cake, like it is now in his shop.

'We had one lady with a funny comment; 'This is like the Miami Vice of donuts,' 'cause I'm taking donuts out of a black Expedition handing them out, the customers handing me cash, and 'okay, take care,' and everybody scatters off!'

They knew they had something when they'd post their location online and would have 70 orders in less than a minute.

'We call all of our customers 'Hypies,'' James said.

Somehow, it fills the hole other donut shops leave behind. James has grown weary of showing anybody his donut-making process or sharing his ingredients.

'This has been our most popular -- people copy it all the time,' he said, pointing out a local favorite. 'The Evil Elvis: Peanut butter, bacon, banana, honey donut.'

And his biscuits are all proprietary information.

'Once his biscuits are cooked, it's still a three-step process to get them to the right consistency,' Amy explained.

Can we see step one?


Step two?

'No... Forget about step three.'

Actually, whatever the formula, it's working.

'If you're here for 20 seconds or hang out for 20 minutes, just let everything go and enjoy it and have fun.'

So apparently, the way to feeling good sits in a strip mall just next to White Rock Family Health Center at 9007 Garland Road.

A Denton location is scheduled to open in January 2014.


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