She spoke to News 8 in shadow, to hide her face and to protect her family through one of its darkest hours.

She is a Dallas woman who was in a relationship with accused serial rapist Van Dixson for three years, until December 2012. They have a daughter together.

'I loved him,' she said. 'That was the person I was in love with. And she looks so much like him.'

Dixson is now the subject of a Dallas police manhunt, accused of at least four sexual assaults in the Fair Park area during the past three months.

His former girlfriend is now questioning everything about her time with Dixson. Could he be capable of such attacks?

'While we were together? No. But knowing what I know when we broke up, yes,' she said.

Abuse and threats followed after she ended her relationship with Dixson last December. The woman said another family member was also subjected to Dixson's rage.

'He actually showed up while I was next to the street mowing the lawn,' the man told News 8, also wishing to remain anonymous. '[He] rolled down the passenger side windows and pointed a gun at me, and I just took off running.'

That was at the end of June, and the incident led to Dixson's latest arrest for 'deadly conduct' on August 3.

But where is he now? His ex doesn't think he's far away.

'If I had to give a guess, I would say he's still somewhere in Dallas, just hiding out somewhere,' she said.

She just wants him found... for her own safety, her daughter's and the public's.

'With the possibility of all these other women, my heart aches for them. I feel so sorry for them,' she said. 'They shouldn't have to go through that. Nobody should have to go through that.'

If you have seen Van Dixson, call 911 immediately.


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