FORT WORTH The final push is on for construction crews revamping Sundance Square Plaza in downtown Fort Worth.

The new plaza will feature a high-end stage, a water fountain, and at least four new restaurants in surrounding buildings.

But perhaps the most unique feature will be four high-grade umbrellas. Each one will be 40 by 40 feet, according to Sundance Square CEO Johnny Campbell.

"It is going to be so unique... there isn't anything else like it in the country," he boasted.

Parts for the giant umbrellas, which will be made up mostly of a Teflon-type fabric, are being funneled through U.S. Customs in Houston right now. Some of it was manufactured overseas in Germany.

The foundations for each have already been put in and the umbrellas should be going up within the next few weeks.

"I've heard about 'em. Certainly bigger than what I've got," said Thomas Slagle, who runs a valet stand complete with an standard-issue umbrella near the plaza.

The entire project is costing more than $100 million.


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