This week, we talk to the two Texas Republicans who say they want to be your next governor: Attorney General Greg Abbott and Tom Pauken, who is considered by many to be a long shot.

Abbott has a $21 million war chest; how does Pauken plan to win the race for the governor's mansion? And Abbott outlines how he is different from Rick Perry.

Eight days after the Trayvon Martin case verdict, its reverberations don't seem to be slowing. Texas has its own version of Florida's "stand your ground" law, and Tarsha Hardy, the vice chair of the state's Democratic Party, takes aim at it in "My Voice, My Opinion."

Ever since the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, debate and outrage has mostly centered inside the African-American community. Should whites reflect and have a conversation about it, too? That's the focus of "Flashpoint" this week. From the right, Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer, and from the left, author and producer Katie Sherrod share their views.

And Sen. Ted Cruz offers another hint about his political ambitions with a visit to Iowa. How far off is an announcement for a 2016 presidential run? We'll talk about it on "Reporters Roundtable."


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