GRAPEVINE -- In a Hallmark store in Grapevine, there was a true "Hallmark moment" last week.

Dave Herrington, 68, was inside looking at cards when he suddenly collapsed from a massive heart attack.

April Lumbley rushed over to help.

She dialed 911. And even though she had never performed CPR before, the store manager likely saved Herrington's life.

"I did the mouth-to-mouth. He took a gasp, and I reported all of that to the 911 operator," she said. "If it's life or death, you do what you have to do."

Herrington has been recovering at the Baylor hospital facility in Grapevine.

"No doubt about it -- in the three-and-a-half minutes she worked until the ambulance got there, it made the difference and I'm still alive," he said.

Herrington's hospital room is filled with cards of encouragement. Both he and Lumbley know that is far better than the alternative.

Ironically, he collapsed right next to the sympathy section of cards.

"Yeah, the sympathy section," Lumbley said. "Unfortunately, folks would've been here this week getting him cards if he hadn't been in a safe place."

Herrington endured a weekend in a medically-induced coma before starting his recovery this week.

"To know that someone actually saved your life, I've never had that happen before," he said.

He thanks the Baylor staff, and more importantly, Lumbley, who dropped by on Wednesday to check in on his condition.

Both say the incident serves as a good reminder folks to be trained in CPR.


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