DFW AIRPORT Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport officials said eight flights scheduled to San Francisco International Airport were canceled after the crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 jet at SFO; five inbound flights from San Francisco to DFW were also postponed.

Other flights that departed before the crash were diverted to other West Coast airports.

The San Francisco airport was closed to all traffic until late Saturday afternoon. Passengers traveling to and from SFO are urged to check with their airline for scheduling updates.

Aviation expert Denny Kelly has more than 30 years of experience flying both commercially and in the military. He's familiar with the layout of the airport and runway in San Francisco as well as the Boeing 777 which crashed.

He says it appears the pilot of the Asiana jet misjudged both the plane's speed and altitude as it was coming in for a landing on Saturday morning.

"If you are too low and too slow ... you're going to come in with the nose high and the tail low," Kelly said. "In a situation like San Francisco, where there's an abutment or a birm that stoops down into the water, it's going to knock the tail off."

Kelly said that likely sheared the left engine from the wing, causing the fire seen in photos taken by witnesses.

The location of where the fire started and the quick actions of flight attendants are likely what made it possible for so many people to escape safely.

Boeing, the manufacturer of the 777, Boeing tweeted this statement:

"Our thoughts are with everyone affected by today's incident at San Francisco airport. We stand ready to assist the NTSB."

Fort Worth-based American Airlines has 47 777s in its fleet.

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