DALLAS It was the end of the Wings of Wonder show at the Summer Adventures in Fair Park Sunday when stars Moe and Curly, trained Green-Winged macaws, were supposed to make their grand entrance.

"They came around the corner with all this wind gusting around, and they just blew all the way over there around the corner of our stage... and just kept on going," said bird trainer Lacey Zeno. "We saw them go, and we're calling them to try and get them back, and the wind just blew them higher and higher and higher, and saw them drifting out of view."

Missing for 24 hours, worried bird trainers were getting anxious about the missing Macaws.The birds were raised in captivity and had never foraged for food themselves.

Then, they got a call from the 8600 block of San Benito, four miles away.

"I'm like, 'oh look at that! There's a five foot parrot in a tree!'" Peter Ross said with a laugh. He walked outside to hear -- and see -- the fugitive birds.

"What shall I do?" he quipped.

Ross said it took him and a neighbor three hours to discover who to call about the special crimson and green birds that were calling loudly from the trees.The promise of peanuts brought Mo down quickly.

Curly took a bit more coaxing.

On landing, the macaws both said "hi" to each other, then starting thirstily drinking water. Despite the names, Moe and Curly are really a couple of 13 years. And with this safe return, their show can go on.


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