GREENVILLE There are still memorial decorations hanging on Jessica Byrd's front porch in memory of slain teen Alicia Moore.

It's been more than six months since Alicia Moore was first reported missing. She was later found killed, her remains left in a truck alongside a rural road. But her family has not forgotten, as evidenced by the memorial decorations that still hang on her aunt's porch.

For Jessica Byrd. there is still no closure despite the mountain of the evidence against Alicia Moore s great-uncle, Michael Moore, of murder. He was arrested and charged with capital murder on Tuesday.

Documents obtained by News 8 from the Van Zandt County District Court show a detailed timeline starting in November when the investigation began. It shows that investigators linked Michael Moore s DNA to the crime-scene back in mid-January, yet Moore was not arrested until May 7.

I m OK with the fact they knew in January and they re just being careful...having their ducks lined up in a row, said Byrd.

There were other links to Michael Moore like his cell phone records. It showed Moore did not use his phone for 10 hours the day Alicia disappeared.

I knew they had the cell phone records but I didn t know how in-depth of the records they had; that part was shocking to us, said Byrd.

Records show Moore s cell phone was pinging in Greenville, but in interviews he told police he never left Grand Prairie.

The reports also share how detectives made a connection between this murder and two other murders in 2002 perpetrated by Moore s boyfriend, Kevin Starling Jones, in Oakland.

The report reads, The methods described by Moore used in the serial killings in California appear similar to the methods used to kill the decedent and dispose of her body .

Byrd tells us Moore was bisexual and that she didn t know about Kevin Jones. She says this Mother s Day will be very difficult for her family because she treated Alicia Moore like her daughter.

Knowing that your uncle is involved with somebody he loved and cared for and now he ended her life? That s a lot to take, said Byrd.

Micheal Moore is being held at the Van Zandt County Jail.


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