WEST, Texas - Survivors and those trying to help them poured into the Community Center in West Thursday morning.

Holding a cold, wet blanket over her head, Carmen Bridges said she feared the worst for her husband Morris, a volunteer firefighter who responded to the call of a fire Wednesday night at the West Fertilizer Co.

Bridges said their home was demolished in the explosion 30 minutes after her husband answered the call. She said she hadn't received any news on his whereabouts since he left to battle the blaze.

Navarro Mills volunteer firefighter Page Calvin said he went to the Community Center in hopes to hear news about his brother Calvin Page, who also responded to the fire call. He was in West for training and responded along with other volunteer firefighters. He remained missing as of noon Thursday.

Some good news did filter into the center: Neighbors visited the center with food and other supplies in hand and reached out to comfort those who needed support. Tarrah Bailey, who brought a large supply of water to the center, received a call from her missing cousin. His house was demolished in the blast, but he survived.

Thursday afternoon, Lt. Joel Lavender revealed Capt. Kenny Harris, a Dallas-Fire Rescue firefighter, was among those listed missing. Harris lives in West and works at Station 30 in Dallas. It was unclear if he was among those who responded to the plant fire.

Texas Attorney Greg Abbott was scheduled to talk in a West briefing at 3:20 p.m.

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