DALLAS The pews were filled with the faithful. Some were forced to stand against the wall.

It's obvious that Mass at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Dallas is special.

We could not resist Mass, said Vito Primozic, a tourist from Slovenia. He and his wife said celebrating Catholic Mass with the new leader of his church came first. "Then the Galleria shopping center."

Primozic felt a burst of emotion after watching a TV broadcast of Pope Francis making his first Sunday window appearance overlooking St. Peter's Square.

Primozic immediately scoured the Internet to find a place to worship in Dallas.

Religion first , he said with a smile.

Bishop Kevin Farrell, who plans to travel to Rome next month to meet the pope for the first time, says it's important for followers to pray. He believes the Catholic Church is about to experience dynamic change.

I foresee a change of style of the way of doing things, but not great changes and great doctrinal changes," he said.

But they are changes Yhoanna Segura is ready to embrace.

I'm pretty excited because, you know he's Hispanic," Segura said, adding it s a plus that His Holiness also speaks Spanish.

You can understand more his language, cause with the other Popes, you could hardly understand," Segura said.

Ana Luna appreciates Pope Francis energy and desire to mingle with the people, qualities she felt Pope Benedict lacked.

You know, the previous pope, he was... his health... it didn't help him much."


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