DUNCANVILLE Duncanville High School senior Jocelle Rudico has won so many awards, it's hard to keep up with them. Her mother found Jocelle's 3rd place medal from the state tournament stuffed in a bag.

It's clear from the number of trophies and medals that winning tennis matches is important to Jocelle, and she's hoping to win enough to go to state for the third year in a row.

But what she did at a recent tournament showed that winning is not the most important thing.

During a match against a rival player, Jocelle thought one of her serves went out of bounds. "I heard everyone's reaction," she said.

This happened during a tie-breaker. The point would have let her opponent win the first set; instead, Jocelle won it.

In between sets, she decided she made the wrong call and changed it, losing that set... and eventually the match.

The Rudicos are a tennis family. They have their own court in their backyard.

Jocelle's dad taught her, and continues to teach young players.

And the thing about tennis at the lower levels is that the players make all the calls.

The match Jocelle lost last month could affect her seeding for regionals.

But it was the right call, and she said she would do it again.



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