It's up to Nolan Ryan that's what it has come down to.

A power shift in the Texas Rangers front office has the baseball icon mulling his future, deciding whether it's time to move on.

Others in the organization like general manager Jon Daniels are trying to make the case for Ryan to stay on as CEO while trying to win the battle in the court of public opinion.

That part will be tough, whether you think the changes in the front office are right or wrong.

Daniels says his relationship with Ryan is still fine, but Ryan's new normal obviously is not and he may be gone soon.

Daniels declined an interview request from WFAA Sports, but speaking on ESPN Radio 103.3, he said this is all about who has the final say-so on baseball matters.

"I'm charged with overseeing and advancing our baseball operations. I report up through Nolan. My day-to-day responsibilities for running the department are for me and the individual department heads to solicit Nolan's opinions and input and communicate with him, and on the biggest decisions big-picture items, vision, direction of the franchise those are the things that I think a CEO and somebody with his background are going to weigh in on most heavily."


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