1. Alternating knee raises 30 seconds

2. Hamstring curls 30 seconds

3. Quad stretch R 30 seconds

4. Quad stretch L 30 seconds

5. Hamstring stretch, elbows weighted 30 seconds

6. Leg swings R 15 seconds

7. Leg swings L 15 seconds


1. Single leg lunge (glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves) 30 seconds each leg, 15 seconds rest

- Start standing with feet together. Step forward with your left foot, 2-3 feet in front of the right.

- Bend knees to slowly drop directly in-between your feet until the thigh of your left is parallel with the floor and your right knee is almost touching the ground. Keep your upper body upright, perpendicular to the ground.

- Both knees should be at around a 90 degree angle and your left knee should never come over the toes of your left foot. Try to keep your forward knee directly over the ankle through the entire downward motion.

- As slow and controlled as you can, push through your leg to come back to a standing position.

- Repeat the motion the same number of times on each leg (within 30 seconds).

2. Squat (glutes, quads, hamstring, low back, shin) 1 minute, 15 seconds rest

- Start with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and turned out slightly. Keep your core muscles tight throughout the entire movement.

- Keep your weight in your heels, bend at the knees and hip joint to lower the body towards the floor. Exaggerate the motion by sticking your behind out as if you were going to sit in a tiny baby chair. Keep your chest tilted up and your back flat throughout the squatting motion.

- Come back up to a standing postion by pressing with your heels. Continue this motion until you have completed all repetitions.

3. Wall sit (glutes, quads, calves) 1 minute, 15 seconds rest

- Lean your back against a wall and slide down into a squat with knees at a 90 degree angle, thighs parallel to the floor.

- Keep your back flat against the flat surface and your hands and arms off of your legs.

- Hold this position using the pressure of your back against the flat surface to support your weight. Increase hold time of the position as you increase lower body strengthn.

4. Bridge ups (glutes, hamstrings, calves, low back) 1 minute, 15 seconds rest

- Lie face up on a mat with your feet hip width apart and as close to your butt as is comfortable. Place your arms by your sides, palms down on the mat.

- Inhale deeply as you contractyour core. Exhale as you press through your feet and lift your hips as high as you can, tightly contracting you glute and hamstring muscles.

- Inhale as you slowly lower your hips down, pausing around one inch above the ground before repeating the motion. Continue for the set time period. Lifting your hips up and lowering back down is one repetition.

5. Cool down stretch: Deep glute stretch (hamstrings) 30 seconds each side

- Lie on your back with your knees at a 90 degree angle.

- Cross your left leg over top of your right so that your left ankle is on the knee of your right leg.

- Grab your right thigh with your hands and pull it towards your chest until you feel it through the backs of your thighs and your buttocks.

- Hold this for at least 20 seconds, then switch legs and repeat on the other side.

6. Single leg quad stretch 30 seconds each side

- Stand with feet together.

- Bend your left leg, bringing your heel up towards your butt. Grab your foot with your left hand to hold it in this position.

- Keep your spine straight, chest pushed slightly upwards, and leg pulled back and up.

- Hold for at least 20 seconds, then repeart on the opposite side.

Source: Brigid Wollack / Fit Family Health

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