Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent returned to the Dallas County courthouse Thursday morning.

It was a brief routine appearance, but Brent was there to sign paperwork.

Brent had no comment as he walked into a sixth floor courtroom, but his attorney George Milner said, "None of this has ended, from an emotional standpoint, nothing has changed."

Milner also thanked the people who have been supporting Brent.

"I've had a lot of people express a great deal of support for Josh and we're very happy for that support, we really are," Milner said."But there's a lot going on, a lot more than this case."

Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown Jr. The deadly crash happened on Dec. 7 after the pair left an Irving bar.

Authorities said Brent was drunk when he crashed and flipped his Mercedes. Brown died in the crash.

Work is still being done on both sides the legal process, Milner said.

"These cases take a great deal of time to investigate," Milner said. "They are diligently working on the case, the Irving police department and the Dallas district attorney's office."

Brent is likely to return to the court for another meeting on March 7.
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