DALLAS Sheriff s deputies transferred Tammy Lowe, 53, from Grand Prairie to the county jail Friday afternoon, just before her lawyer successfully convinced a judge to lower her bond from $200,000 to $125,000. But her attorney, Cameron Gray, did not arrive at the jail in time to deposit money and get her released. Gray said his client will remain in jail until Monday morning.

Wearing handcuffs and shackles, Lowe kept silent as News 8 asked her condition and why she allegedly drove away after running over 6-year-old John Raidy as he walked across the street with his mother and sister last week. Raidy was killed in the hit-and-run accident.

Lowe, who was a seventh grade social studies teacher in Grand Prairie, has been unable to post a $200,000 bond set for felony manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. Her lawyer, Cameron Gray, said he was able to convince a judge to lower her total bond the former charge remained at $100,000 while the second, failure to stop and render aid, was dropped to $25,000.

He attempted to file the paperwork to secure her release Friday, but did not have enough time before the office closed. Lowe will spend the weekend in jail. Gray said he will be back Monday and expects her to be released.

Gray said prior to turning herself in Wednesday, he doesn t believe Lowe ever spent a day in jail. He has not discussed specifics of the case.

During a news conference after her arrest, Sgt. Eric Hansen said the teacher appeared distraught and looked like she hadn t slept in days.

Lowe resigned from her teaching position and came forward five days after the boy was struck and killed crossing the street at the intersection of North Carrier Parkway and Holiday Hills.

Police said Lowe, driving a black, four-door Toyota Yaris, ran a red light, striking the child as he and his family were returning home. Police said Lowe s black Yaris had a dented hood.

The Raidy family buried John on Wednesday.


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