FORT WORTH An underground line burst in spectacular fashion on Tuesday evening, directing a jet of high-pressure water directly at Ann Patrick's home in the 3600 block of Walton Avenue.

A video provided by WFAA viewer Thomas Trujillo showed the powerful gusher extending from the pavement at a sharp angle, inundating the one-story brick residence.

Probably like a tsunami, said Patrick's friend Norm Green. It was one solid, big stream.

Patrick, who is 78, said she had no warning other than a popping sound in the minutes before the break around six o'clock.

I looked up and there was water gushing at my house, so I ran outside, she said.

Patrick was able to call 911 and the water department and escaped without injury.

It was over the house into the garage, she said. It almost knocked me down.

By the time the pipeline could be shut down 45 minutes later, the pavement had buckled and the weight and power of the water left the home heavily damaged, with the roof peeled away and windows broken.

Firefighters helped Patrick remove soggy personal items as neighbors laid them out on the driveway to dry.

Those items include a collection of autographed baseballs signed by legends including Sandy Koufax and Dizzy Dean. Some were damaged by the unexpected downpour.

Patrick spoke with a city official after seeing her home of 42 years flooded through no fault of her own.

He's saying it's not the city's fault; that makes me angry, she said. What did I do?


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