DALLAS -- Last year, David Byrd says he wouldn't dare sit outside without worrying about mosquitoes.

This year, he's taking precautions by having his yard treated.

Arrow Exterminators is seeing a nearly 20-percent surge in business, just from treating yards for mosquitoes.

We've seen a lot of calls with people concerned about West Nile, said Arrow entomologist Larry Novy. Typically adult mosquitoes rest in the landscaped areas during the day, and that's what we're concerned about is killing the adult mosquitoes.

Novy said yard treatments work for three-to-four weeks. The downside is, the chemicals don't kill the neighbor's mosquitoes, but can impact other beneficial insects.

That's why many people are installing home mosquito misters, which automatically spray a mosquito repellent. But those systems aren't perfect either.

The fact that you're applying a product two-to-three times a day on an automatic system, I think is applying too much material into the environment, Novy said. Plus, if you get wind drift, it can drift material away from the target area.

A misting system can cost several thousand dollars to install. It also requires regular service and refills of the repellent. Monthly yard treatments run $30-to-60.

We could tell the difference after they started treating, David Byrd said. I've got three young sons, and I just want to make sure they're taken care of and protected.

Byrd says he now feels confident he and his family can enjoy the yard, instead of avoiding it.


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