DALLAS - I don't like to say I'm substituting things or replacing - I'm adding, said Katie Higgins, also known as Chocolate-Covered Katie.

She uses apple sauce instead of butter and beans instead of crust. Higgins' recipes aren't run of the mill.

I'm not big on cooking, she said. If I want food, I want it now.

And so she created a blog focused on easy, healthy desserts, the vegan way. With hundreds of thousands of daily hits, her food has been tried all over the country.

But it's not always a success in her kitchen.

They're usually not successful, Higgins said. I have a brownie recipe on my blog, I think it took me 10 tries.

With few ingredients and fast prep time, her recipes aren't intimidating.

We timed her, prepping the deep-dish cookie pie with garbanzo beans the base took 10 minutes. Just over a half hour later, we tried it.

I can't believe that, said News 8 s Shelly Slater, trying the dessert. There is a huge garbanzo bean right there and I don't taste it, look!

But would others feel the same? We took her dish and went testing.

Accidentally we ran into two chefs.

If you don't like it you don't have to eat it, Slater told the chefs. We aren t going to tell you what is in it until after.

It earned winning marks from both chefs. Then we told them what is in it.

No way, one exclaimed, licking her fingers.

Katie Higgins' blog can be found here.


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