The Dallas Cowboys have been referred to as America's Team since the 70s, when NFL Films gave them the title.

They earned it then, and in many ways, they still do.

But the next time you put on your Cowboys sweatshirt or jacket, remember who made it... and see how good it feels then.

A special report by ESPN's Outside the Lines documents how the Cowboys make millions probably more than a $100 million every year selling their jackets and sweatshirts made in the sweatshops of Cambodia

The Cowboys say they do take their responsibility seriously, and are trying to make conditions better. But if they were serious about it, it wouldn't be that hard.

The Cowboys are making more than enough money on the backs of the women who do the work. But then, if they paid the workers more, their bottom line would be less. And in America, it's the bottom line that too many times is the only line we won't cross.

America's Team, doing business the American way.

And Cowboys fans everywhere should be very proud.


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