Q: You might not be the one who can answer my question. Can you tell me when WFAA moved to near Union Terminal? I have a photograph of the WFAA building in the background, when it was near the old Texas & Pacific passenger station, which was near Pacific and Continental, if I remember the second street correctly. I won't be coming to Texas until next year, then I can narrow down what year the photograph was taken.


A: Good to hear from you and thank you for making time to write. We moved from the old location on Wolf Street in Dallas to 606 Young Street in 1959. Union Station is just a few hundred yards from our building, which is next door to The Dallas Morning News. The downtown area was filled with active rails in those days. Today, KERA-TV, the local PBS station, is located in the Wolf Street facility. We hope this information is useful. Thank you again for taking the time to write.

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