DALLAS - The family of a girl mistakenly deported says they are getting good news. She may be coming home within days.

When she was arrested in Houston, Jakadrien Turner apparently told authorities she was Tika Lanay Cortez of Colombia. She's been living in Colombia under that name. So that government wants proof she's a U.S citizen.

News 8 has learned the U.S. Embassy has provided those documents, and the family knows that's good news.

Lorene Turner is smiling today. She just got an important phone call about her granddaughter, Jakadrien.

[Congresswoman] Eddie Bernice Johnson called and said [Jakadrien] will be home soon, Turner said. She's coming home.

Turner said any tears now are of joy. She has spent months looking for her 15-year-old granddaughter, who was mistakenly deported to Colombia after an arrest in Houston and some confusion.

After News 8 reported this story, government officials and politicians got involved, and now Jakadrien is possibly coming home very soon.

[It is an] answer to my prayer, her grandmother said. I knew God was going to answer my prayer.

Thursday afternoon, the family had a conference call with members of the National NAACP, congressional Black Caucus leaders and her attorney. They are all demanding the U.S. Embassy gets a chance to visit Jakadrien where she is being held, and to allow her to call her family, which the Colombian government has refused to do.

I'm looking forward to that, Turner said. I just want to hear my baby's voice.

The biggest question now is how all this happened - something civil rights leaders are also asking.

But, for now Turner just wants to concentrate on getting her granddaughter back.

I am going to hug her and let her know we love her, Turner said. Everything is going to be alright. Whatever problems she got, we are going to get past it. Forget the past and walk forward.


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