PLANO - It's hard to believe, given the traumatic injuries she's suffered, but Lauren Scruggs made her first outing Wednesday.

Her mother, Cheryl, detailed the trip on the Caring Bridge web site, saying the two made their first adventure to Whole Foods and that complete strangers stopped them to say they were praying for Lo.

She had to go through a lot of emotional and psychological adjustments to get to a place where she is doing so well.

Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital Doctor Peter Rappa specializes in rehabilitation, and while he hasn't treated Scruggs, he says her ability to overcome such traumatic, physical injuries so quickly is directly tied to the 23 year old's emotional support system.

I bet she's got a wonderful family, and there is so much loving energy coming out from that, that they are using that as support system for her, and that really facilitates healing, Rappa said.

There's still a long road of recovery ahead, though.

Scruggs lost an eye and a hand, and suffered shoulder and head injuries when hit by the plane propeller.

She'll have to re-learn simply daily tasks most take for granted.

Opening up an envelope, opening up toothpaste in the morning, getting dressed, using buttons, zippers, things like that become a challenge, Rappa said.

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