DALLAS - Occupy Dallas protesters held a press conference Thursday afternoon to announce they would be back in some form or fashion despite police disbanding their camp in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The protesters however did not have any concrete plans on when or where they might return.

About 75 protesters gathered outside of City Hall also questioned the police actions last night and criticized Dallas city leaders. It capped off a day in which demonstrators marched to Dallas Police Headquarters and to the jail where 18 protesters were still being held after their arrests at the camp.

Our camp may have been dismembered, but our hearts, our souls and our passion for this movement and what it stands for remains intact, said protester Ameer Wahdan, with the crowd behind him repeating each word after him.

The occupiers said they will have another general assembly where they would discuss what they will do next. They said they would come back in another place, and be more organized, but would not take questions about specifics.

The 18 protesters were released from jail shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday.


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