Q: Since hiring Ron Corning, have the Daybreak News ratings fallen or risen? Or has WFAA received alot of flack for hiring him? I'm curious since we live in a very conservative area and since Mr. Corning is openly gay. Thanks.
A: The ratings are going up. No flack as far as I know!

Q: This isn't really a question - really a comment. I am astonished that people write in such ridiculous comments. The one about Pete not wearing his jacket - I mean, get a life! Or probably the best one, that you move your arms and hands around and it bothers someone. Channel 8 has been our primary news source for 20+ years. I don't understand any of the comments! Your guys are all fine..!!
A: Thanks! Sometimes we laugh, ourselves at the comments, but it comes with the territory.

Q: Recently moved. Always watch ABC. I love the red flowers that sit on the table, between the two chairs, during many interviews. Don't know if they are real or fake, but I love them. Have been looking for something like that for my new house. Every time I see them on your show I say how much I like them. Can you please tell me where to shop for them. Thank you for the help.
A: They are fake! I think they are from IBB Design in Frisco.

Q: I am located in Waxahachie, TX. What direction should I point my antenna to best receive your signal? Or, put another way, where is your antenna located?
A: Waxahachie is very close to our transmitter site which is located in Cedar Hill. The antenna needs to be capable of receiving both VHF and UHF signals and should be pointed north and slightly to the west from your location.

Q: The necklace, appears to be metal, that Gloria Campos had on today(I had noticed it once before) is unusual and very attractive, I wonder if she would tell us about it? It looks like three/four different metals, is it a brand or specially crafted? Today is September 14 to identify the date.
A: It is made of Copper, crystals, etc by Deidre Hardin (, she is also on FACEBOOK). Her necklaces and unique sculptures can be found at KNICK KNACKS antique and crafts mall on Camp Wisdom/Duncanville Rd in Duncanville.

Q: I have a 64oz Mott's apple juice in my refrigerator you can read on the plastic above the back label in very tiny print and in a light color almost the same as the bottle the (ex. date and conc. from USA and China). Also why did the FDA, juice companies, and the juice assoc. refuse to discuss this topic out in open when invited to do so?
A: This involves ABC on a national level, not the local level. As a result, I can t help you get the most accurate information as to what happened behind the scenes with the arsenic issue. So sorry!

Q: I am a HUGE news freak!!! I am thinking about being a news caster for WFAA when I am old enough. That is basically my question, how old do you have to be, do I have to know any other languages besides English? Do I have to live in Dallas? Do I have to have a passport? Do I have to have experience with live broadcasting to be a newscaster for WFAA?
A: You do need experience to start in Dallas, but you can work your way up through smaller markets pretty fast. English and Spanish are preferred in this market. Yes, you would have to live in Dallas to work for WFAA. Try going to college for journalism, that is your bet start.

Q: It is Monday 10/10/11 about 5:15. We missed you last week on the news. And now again we have no Shelley so we're thinking you might be gone again this week. I really think they should acknowledge that you're gone and assure us you will be back! Just an idea.
A: Thank you, I will mention that to producers. We are not very consistent with that!

Q: I would like to watch the October 21st Good Morning Texas show. How can I do that from my computer?
A: Unfortunately, you can't at this time. We do post certain segments after the show, however due to a series of issues involving copyrights connected to commercial content, at this time we cannot stream GMT live on the web.

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