ARLINGTON The NFL and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have figured out a way to sell about 300 additional tickets to Super Bowl XLV.

They're already in the process of squeezing an estimated 18,000 temporary seats into Cowboys Stadium. But now we have found something called stairwell standing tickets for sale in the the huge venue.

Face value for a pair of standing on the end zone way is $350, but at least one set of tickets sold on eBay for nearly $3,500.

We've been working with the league from the very beginning to find as many locations for people, putting in temporary seats. We have over 15,000 of those, said Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels. We still have some standing room capacity on our staircase rails.

Arlington city fire officials have signed off on the plan.

The Cowboys hope to sell a record-setting 105,000 Super Bowl tickets.

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