HIGHLAND PARK, TX - The list of people who have gone to all 44 Super Bowl games has become an exclusive club. We've all seen the four men who are featured in a Visa commercial. They re the only men to have seen all the games.

Norma Hunt, the widow of former Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt is the only woman to have seen all 44 games as well.

Then there is the former vice president and director of Cowboys player personnel, Gil Brandt. I'll be there like I always have been for media day, Brandt says. He hasn't been to all 44, but he's close.

I've been to 42 of the 44 that have been played, Brandt says. I missed the one in Miami where ironically, it's very hard to get a program from, because there were more programs on the highway. The truck tipped over that was bringing them to the game and they were spread all over the highway, so they didn't have enough programs.

That was Super Bowl III. Hopefully that won't be the case for Super Bowl XLV in North Texas. They printed 500,000 programs which will sell for $20 each.

The other Super Bowl that Brandt missed was Super Bowl XXVI.

I missed the one where Thurman Thomas couldn't find his helmet in Minnesota, Brandt says. I looked at the weather forecast and there was like two feet of snow and decided not to go.

Obviously Brandt isn't as streak conscious as the ones who have been to all the games but even Norma Hunt doesn't consider that an important achievement.

Really and truly, I don't consider that to be important, Hunt says. Important achievements are ones where you re helping other people, your creating other business, creating jobs, you re doing all these other things. Those are important achievements.

Brandt says when he attended the first Super Bowl game in Los Angeles in 1967, he had no idea it would become as big as it is today.

I wish I would have saved some ticket stubs and memorabilia, Brandt says. I think the most vivid memory is when I look at Super Bowl ticket now, $1200. At that first Super Bowl, ticket prices were $6, $10, and $12. Of course now, one network gets to do it and they keep getting huge numbers. That particular time, we had two different networks do it.

Tuesday is media day at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington as thousands of reporters covering the event will get their first crack at the teams. The media availability doesn't compare to those early days.

When we played in the first Super Bowl Miami against Baltimore, media day took place around the pool, Brandt says. We stayed at the Gault Ocean Mile. What you did at the Gault Ocean Mile is George Riba came up and said I'd like to talk to Chuck Howley. Well wait a minute, let's see, Chuck Howley is in room 612. They'd call 612 and say Chuck come on down, somebody wants to talk to you.

These days no one will be hanging out in the hotel because it's mandatory for all the players and staff to be available on media day and Brandt will among those covering the event for
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