FORT WORTH - Almost 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, with women being affected three times more often than men.

Most migraine sufferers are misdiagnosed at least once and are usually told they have a sinus headache or tension-type headache.

Many doctors still question whether chronic or migraine headaches are a medical condition or a mental one.

In Fort Worth on Wednesday, a major hospital opened a center, dedicated to treating headaches.

When Brandi Oliver gets a migraine, just the sound of ripping paper tears through her senses.

You can't move, you can't see, you can't really do too much at all because it cripples you, basically, she said.

Even as a nurse, Oliver has given up trying to find relief, after being told on many occasions her pain isn't real.

[I've been told] that I'm crazy, that it's all in my head, that I just want pain meds, she said.

For patients like her, who have not found effective help, Baylor All Saints in Fort worth is opening a headache center dedicated to diagnosing and treating chronic headache, migraines, rebound and cluster headaches.

It's a resource that excites Fort Worth Dr. Michael Ampelas, who often sends headache patients miles away to Dallas for treatment.

I exhaust all my resources and all my knowledge and I refer to the specialists and the people at the headache center are going to be the experts at this and they are going to be able provide a lot of relief and benefit for people.

The Headache Center at Baylor All Saints Fort Worth officially opened on Wednesday.

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