ARLINGTON - A group of children in one summer program got a big surprise after they were told to climb in the van, but weren't told where they were going. Now, they have quite a story to tell.

Not even rain could dampen their spirits. Up the escalator and then there it was.

This is Cowboys Stadium and it is the world's largest domed structure, said the tour guide as the kids got their first look.

The kids from the Neighborhood Service Council's My Time summer program got a tour of Cowboys Stadium.

I can't believe how I watch it on TV and I never thought I would be here standing on it, but now I am, said 13-year-old Juan Garcia.

The children even got to kick field goals, thanks to a generous board member that underwrote the trip.

When you're home, you don't realize how it feels, said 13-year-old Alicia Lauriana. But, when you're here, you actually get to see what it looks like up close.

The Neighborhood Service Council serves at-risk children from ages 10 to 16.

[The children's families] don't have cars, a lot of them, so they walk to the grocery store, to the schools and then home and that's pretty much all they see, saidShawn Ainsworth, Executive Director of Neighborhood Service Council. ... This is about an hour's drive from us, so when we get to come to somewhere like this, it's really exciting for the kids. It's an experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

How can they forget going inside the Cowboys' locker room and getting oh-so-close to Tony Romo's uniform.

It felt like they were there right in front of me because their clothing, because their stuff was there, Garcia said.

Turned out to be a picture perfect field trip.


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