Away We Go is directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes.

Away We Go is a beautiful, unusual, jewel of a film. Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski play a pregnant couple traveling around the United States visiting friends and relatives. Their mission? To find the right place to settle down and start a family. First Stop? Phoenix, to visit her offensive college room-mate, played by Allison Janney.

Watching Away We Go you quickly realize this odd couple is actually quite well-adjusted compared to everyone else around them. It's funny and refreshing to see how they react to all the chaos.

Away We Go is directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes. He directed American Beauty, and recently Revolutionary Road, both serious, difficult films. This time he's lighter, funnier, his movie is extremely well-written, and filled with wonderful moments.

Away We Go is rated R for language, and is one of my personal favorites. It plays like a middle-aged version of Juno with its centerpiece - a generous, fun loving, sincere couple that believe in kindness and believe in each other.


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