The last five years have witnessed the death of many players in the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

Charles R. Baxter


March 10, 2005

Role: Parkland Memorial Hospital surgeon who tried to save JFK

Paul Bentley


July 21, 2008

Role: Dallas detective who helped capture Lee Harvey Oswald

Ted Callaway


March 10, 2005

Role: Oak Cliff used-car salesman who rushed to the scene where police Officer J.D. Tippit was shot by Oswald

Joe R. Cody


June 28, 2008

Role: Dallas police officer who bought the gun that Jack Ruby later used to kill Oswald

Nellie Connally


Sept. 1, 2006

Role: Texas first lady who rode in the presidential limousine with Gov. John Connally

J. Carl Day


Oct 16, 2008

Role: Dallas police investigator who was photographed lifting Oswald's rifle above his head

Vincent E. Drain


June 11, 2008

Role: FBI special agent assigned to the Parkland trauma room where JFK died

Andy Hanson


Oct. 29, 2008

Role:Dallas Times Herald photographer who covered the Ruby trial

D.V. Harkness


April 4, 2007

Role: Dallas motorcycle police sergeant assigned to search boxcars in the rail yard near the grassy knoll. His arrest of three transients figured into many conspiracy theories.

Ed Hogan


Feb. 12, 2007

Role: Longtime WFAA-TV (Channel 8) broadcaster who later reported from Parkland for ABC News

The Rev. Luther Holcomb


Nov. 19, 2003

Role: Scheduled to deliver invocation at the Dallas Trade Mart luncheon where JFK was to have spoken

Lady Bird Johnson


July 11, 2007

Role: Traveled with Vice President Lyndon Johnson behind the presidential limousine in Dallas

Karl King


July 25, 2005

Role: Radio broadcaster and UPI stringer who witnessed Oswald's shooting

M. Nick McDonald


Jan. 27, 2005

Role: Dallas police officer who arrested Oswald at the Texas Theatre

Ike Pappas


Aug. 31, 2008

Role: New York radio reporter who witnessed Oswald's shooting

Fay Puckett


Sept. 21, 2008

Role: Daughter of the woman who operated the Oak Cliff rooming house where Oswald was living at the time of the assassination

Earl Ruby


Feb. 6, 2006

Role: Brother of nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who shot and killed Oswald

Pierre Salinger


Oct. 16, 2004

Role: JFK's White House press secretary, who was en route to Japan with Cabinet secretaries at the time of the shooting

Hugh Sidey


Nov. 21, 2005

Role:Time correspondent and JFK friend who was in the motorcade

Cecil Stoughton


Nov. 3, 2008

Role: White House photographer who captured LBJ taking the oath of office aboard Air Force One

Malcolm Summers


Oct. 8, 2004

Role: Assassination witness who is seen in the Zapruder film standing opposite the grassy knoll

Pat Towner


Aug, 29, 2005

Role: One of several family members who witnessed the assassination

Jack Valenti


April 26, 2007

Role: LBJ aide who was traveling with the presidential party on the visit to Dallas

Marilyn Willis


April 16, 2004

Role: Witness whose husband took a JFK assassination photograph that was much studied by investigators and conspiracy theorists

SOURCES: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza; Dallas Morning News research

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