Some local law enforcement agencies have quietly stockpiled all kinds of military equipment and weapons from the federal government, including departments here in North Texas. The question is why do local cops need military firepower?

We have two views this morning from Dallas City Council member Dwaine Caraway, a member of the Public Safety Committee; and from Republican State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, who represents Arlington and the Mid-Cities. Moderator Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bud Kennedy ask the questions.

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Every Sunday morning we go to Austin for context from the Capitol. This week, Jay Root, senior political reporter at The Texas Tribune, looks at the momentum of Texas Gov. Rick Perry as he campaigns in Iowa. Plus: Lieutenant governor candidates Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte have agreed to one debate; she wants more. But Patrick's team said they're only agreeing to one. What's the strategy behind that? What should we expect in that one debate?

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At first, we didn't believe it. Conservative talk show host Chris Krok with WBAP 820 AM is here this morning to praise Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. Specifically, he likes her attack ad against Republican challenger Greg Abbott.

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Rick Perry has been riding high in Iowa, but the governor now faces a huge legal problem his felony indictment in Travis County. At issue: Whether Perry threatened to withhold funding for the Public Integrity Unit there unless the Travis County district attorney resigned because of a DUI. Victor Vital is a Dallas attorney who specializes in white-collar crimes, and he has represented high profile clients before.

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It's a never-ending cycle: Hamas versus Israel. The Jewish state is a strong ally of the U.S., but should we be more critical of that friend after recent fighting in Gaza? From the right, here's Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer; and from the left, former Democratic State Rep. Domingo Garcia.

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Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis has gotten mileage out of her first attack ad against Republican challenger Greg Abbott. But a week later, is that ad helping Davis more than first thought? Plus: Considering the suspicion of government many libertarians and tea party partisans have, will lawmakers rethink their military SWAT teams and gear after what happened in Ferguson, Missouri?

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