CORINTH -- After more than six hours of deliberations, the Corinth City Council voted to deny a proposal from Buc-ee's to build a location in the city along Interstate 35E.

The proposal had previously been approved by the city's planning and zoning commission and had agreed to tax breaks for the mega gas station chain.

The Buc-ee's vote in Corinth drew more than 150 people to City Hall on Thursday night.

Ninety-seven people had signed up to speak on the topic. Emotional testimony could be heard from both sides; one side asking to embrace change, and the other asking to keep Corinth a small town.

The Buc-ee's location would have gone right along I-35E, hundreds of feet from a neighborhood. Plans called for the 96 gas pumps and 600 parking spaces at the convenience store.

Some of the comments heard on Thursday night were from people who say the city is bending over backwards for Buc-ee's.

'Now, you figure 96 pumps? What that can do to our community -- let's just think about that before we make any decisions, because we live right there,' a female resident stated.

Others say the tax revenue - close to $3 million over 15 years - would be a great benefit to the city.

'We need the tax fix, we need the revenue. Something commercial's gonna go in there and I can't think of anything better,' one man said.

The biggest argument mentioned on Thursday night was the congestion. On average, 7,800 cars would be going in and out of the location every day.

The council decided against the gas station with a 3-2 vote.

While a Buc-ee's won't be moving to Corinth, one will be opening inTerrell. It's slated to open inNovember and will be the store's first location in NorthTexas.

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