Eric Nadel may have been told that he didn't have the right voice to broadcast baseball games for a living, but he proved Saturday that he has the voice for delivering speeches at the Hall of Fame.

The day Nadel never thought would arrive in his career came Saturday, when he was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the Ford C. Frick Award.

That's the grand prize for a baseball broadcaster, given annually since 1978, and its previous winners include the voices that inspired Nadel as a boy growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y.

As is customary for an acceptance speech, Nadel praised those who helped him reach the pinnacle of his profession, but no one received more thanks than the Texas Rangers fans who have listened to him since 1979.

'Over the years, you've invited me into your homes, your cars, your places of work, your computers, your iPhones and other devices I still can't figure out how to use,' Nadel said.

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