BURLESON Burleson parent Amanda Gunning is gearing up to send her son Cade to school for the very first time, and she wants to make sure she gets his dress code right.

'We went shopping the other day, and I got the list and checked,' she said.

It's a list parents pore over; what colors their kids can and can't wear to elementary school. So imagine the surprise last week when Burleson ISD posted some big, new additions to that list online.

'Pink, purple, grey those were a couple of them,' said BISD spokeswomanVictoria Johnson.

There's no telling how many people saw those posts. There was just one big problem:

'BurlesonISDadministration made a mistake,' Johnson said.

The district got ahead of itself, releasing what had been only a proposal as fact. A few hours later, they realized the mistake and took the post down.

The dress code remains the same as it has been in past years.

But it was too late for some. One family told News 8 they had already spent $140 on clothes based on the mistaken dress code guidelines. Others online were angry... one threatening on Facebook to send her $200 clothing bill to the district.

'We just regret the inconvenience and confusion it's caused parents,' Johnson said.

And late Wednesday afternoon, the district released this statement to parents and to News 8:

Burleson ISD administration regrets any inconvenience experienced by BISD families who may have followed the draft dress code guidelines that were inadvertently posted last week.

For those who purchased shirts in the additional colors, between the time that the draft guidelines were posted and the posting of the final guidelines can bring the shirts with receipt to your home campus for a refund.

Communication regarding dates and times will be forthcoming.

Elementary campus principals do not return to work until next week when we intend to set-up logistics for turning in these shirts.In the meantime, please retain any receipts or proof of purchase.

Again, we apologize and appreciate your patience while we address our mistake.


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