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DALLAS Jimmy Lamb says the Turtle Creek Trail is a wonderful spot.

'It's just so calming and peaceful down here,' he said.

But in recent months, Lamb says the 2.1-mile paved path has become home to the homeless. 'I have found many people sleeping right here,' he said. 'They have a little camp.'

No one was home when we visited last month, though there were boxes and sleeping bags evident in the brush and under a bridge.

On a return trip, we found one man sleeping on a mat under a tree. Lamb said he has seen a number of vagrants sleeping outdoors here, doing laundry and bathing in the creek, and more.

'I have seen people urinating and defecating out in the open,' he said, adding that the homeless don't always keep to themselves.

'I have had comments to me, sort of sexual comments made to me by some of them,' Lamb said, adding that it is extremely unnerving especially on such a narrow pathway below street level with no escape route.

'You can scream all you want, and no one is going to hear you or see you,' he said. 'You could lay here and die.'

Lamb has called the city, but said he failed to get a resolution, so he went to and reported the problem to 'We Hear Ya.'

'I just know y'all get stuff done,' he said. 'Y'all were the first ones I thought of.'

The City of Dallas confirmed to News 8 that they have received complaints about Turtle Creek Trail and they are now eradicating camp sites.

The area was much cleaner when we visited on July 22. Also, Dallas police said they are stepping up foot and bike patrols along the trail.

But until he sees that increased police presence, Jimmy Lamb can't recommend one of his favorite spots for a stroll... 'Unless you have a big dog or a big stick.'

The Salvation Army has a shelter less than three miles from the trail; they have beds available so that people without homes do not have to sleep in the open.


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