PLANO -- The city of Plano won't be holding any celebrations for it's first-ever water holiday.

They got rained out.

According to city staff, residents have been doing such a good job conserving water that the water is siting too long in the tanks.

'The water sits in the pipes for a long period of time, the chlorine dissolves, and then you have no chlorine in the water,' said city of Plano spokesperson Steve Stoler.

The solution the city says, is to take a couple of days to get the water flowing with a holiday from water restrictions.

The first day of the water holiday was scheduled for Thursday, until the rain started falling.

Last year, when the city faced a similar dilemma, they opened up a few fire hydrants. It was a move they admit didn't send the best message during a severe drought.

'We thought it would be a better [use] to get the residents to utilize the water for irrigating their lawns as opposed to just pouring it on the street,' Stoler said.

Making matters more complex, a good hard rain in Plano doesn't mean the city's water supply improves. Their main water supplier is Lake Lavon, a body of water that has been well below average for the last year.

Regardless, the rain is a welcome sight and sound.

'We've watered when we can, but yeah, it's definitely been a tough summer,' said Plano homeowner Shirley Benne.

Currently, there are no plans to reschedule the water holiday scheduled for even-numbered houses. Although, odd-numbered addresses will be allowed to water an extra day on Tuesday, July 22.


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