FORT WORTH A young family is being forced to stay in a hotel after a water main break damaged part of their home along Whitman Avenue on Friday afternoon.

Jerry Manis was inside taking a nap when he heard what sounded like 'hail' pounding on the roof.

'I opened the room door, and there was just all of this water,' he said. 'What can I do? There was nothing I could do at this point.'

A neighbor captured the huge water spout on his cell phone. A steady stream of water and chunk of asphalt can be seen shooting six to seven feet into the air, striking the front roof of Manis' one-story brick home.

'People were calling the city,' he said. 'The fire department came.'

Neighbors say they had noticed a simple buckle in the road, but within about 90 minutes it had turned into a full-blown break with water rushing out.

The family's carpet has to be removed, a ceiling collapsed, and a good portion of the roof needs to be redone.

'The room that was really hit was going to be where the new baby slept,' said Amanda Manis, who is seven months' pregnant.

The City of Fort Worth is paying for the family to stay in a hotel this week, and is also funding initial clean-up expenses. A generator and some industrial fans were brought in, too.

But the the family says they deserve at least an additional $2,200, the cost of their insurance deductible.

Discussions with the city's Risk Management department on those details are ongoing.

The incident follows one that occurred less than two miles away in June 2013, when another water main eruption significantly damaged a different home.


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