FORT WORTH Henderson Street is a main thoroughfare connecting Interstate 30 with Fort Worth's hospital district.

'We came to the doctor this morning, so we had to pass through here,' said motorist Evelyn Baeza.

And as we saw Monday, it's a road that could send your car to the doctor, too.

Evelyn Baeza was hit Monday morning by another driver, who spoke to us without giving us her name.

'When they stopped at the light and I slammed on my brakes, my car just kept going it just slid,' the driver said. 'It was like ice.'

Weeks ago, workers milled this well-traveled stretch of Henderson between I-30 and Pennsylvania Avenue. But instead of finishing the project, they left behind uneven, stripped-down lanes, with protruding metal covers, chunks of brick all over the place, and holes so deep that a GoPro camera we placed in one could barely capture the image of an ambulance driving toward it until it was feet away.

It's an urban obstacle course, forcing drivers to bob, weave, and slow down. The only warning comes in the form of a sign that was lying in the weeds.

'It's horrible,' said driver Jackie Barnes. 'You just don't have any traction on it.'

News 8 first reached out to the City of Fort Worth about this problem last week. The city refused to address these concerns on camera.

However, late Monday afternoon, we finally learned that paving will begin Tuesday night. There have been some delays because of weather, according to spokesman Bill Begley.

It's not soon enough for the driver who was involved in Monday's wreck.

'It's just going to keep happening. More wrecks, more problems, more money,' she said.


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