FRISCO -- Zack Cayford's summer schedule is getting tighter by the day.

The Frisco 16-year-old has a summer job that grew out of the state's drought.

'Just show up in the morning, put my headphones in, and water... Easy,' Cayford said.

But it's an idea that didn't come easy. After going through all the obvious options of pet sitting and stocking shelves to save some summer money, watering lawns seemed just right.

'I thought I'd hire him to do it for us, and then it turned into a little business,' said Zack's mother, Amy.

And when he first posted his new business venture on the community Facebook page, the requests kept pouring in.

'Right from the beginning, I had eight or nine that night,' Cayford said.

He has 20 clients now. Most are from his neighborhood in Hunter's Creek, but now he's starting to get work from other parts of the city.

'I've never heard of anything like this -- pretty amazing,' said neighbor Eric Weider, who is considering hiring Zack to water his lawn.

Frisco, like all of Collin County, is under Stage 3 water restrictions, meaning outdoor watering with a sprinkler system is allowed once every two weeks, but hand watering is fair game outside of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Making sure Zack is watering at the right times is mom's job.

'I'm in charge of the time frame, and probably waking him up, because one of his first ones is at 7 a.m.,' Amy said.

Zach's job is such a hit in his community, his friends are even giving him grief.

'They're jealous and they want me to hire them, because they want to make some money, too,' Cayford said.

Zack said the money will go to help pay for all the expenses on his truck, like insurance and gas. He said it's the perfect gig, because he gets to be his own boss and set his own schedule, and give himself enough time on putting green.


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