DALLAS -- Dallas' Farmers Market is undergoing a major makeover.

Three local brothers (who also happen to be artists) are putting their creative touch on the revitalization. They're using spray paint and making a vacant building 'pop.'

'It's technically larger-than-life,' said Jerod Davies.

A massive mural he worked on for five days straight in May is now turning heads.

'You can't miss it,' he said enthusiastically.

The Davies brothers of 3of1Art are known for their over-sized murals. They gave the empty lot at 807 Park Avenue a little love.

'These letters are filled in with different things that are all surrounding this mural,' Davies said.

The images in the 'MARKET' letters call out important neighborhood and community landmarks like Ruibals Plants, Scottish Rite Cathedral, and Dallas Heritage Village, among many others.

A local property owner and neighborhood advocate had the vision and the Davies brothers brought it to life.

'[We] really wanted to do something that would bring some color and some art into the neighborhood,' said Farmers Market Stakeholders Association President Tanya Ragan. 'The area is definitely in a state of transition.'

She sees potential in the eyesores.

'I hope to see these buildings be utilized,' Ragan said. 'I think it's wonderful as a downtown that we have some of these old buildings. It gives a lot of small mom-and-pop and local entrepreneurs an opportunity to start their own business and be in business.'

The area is already seeing a boost to business.

Last year, the city-owned farmers market was privatized. A surge of farmers and vendors began moving in. Now new townhomes are restaurants are cropping up helping to revive an area in downtown Dallas that was once forgotten.

'When you come down here five years from now, the neighborhood is going to look very, very -- hopefully very different,' Ragan said.


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